Is baseball Americas true pastime?

Ask anybody that question and the majority of the answers will say – yes. Growing up a Yankees fan I can agree with that statement. But would my sister agree? Would my mom agree?

I doubt it.

Americas true pastime are board games. Activities that connected the WHOLE family and generations together. Games my grandfather taught me to kick my parents butt in. Americans are known for their strong values in family and game nights have been traditions for yeaarrrrsss.

Think about it. Aside from watching tv, eating and talking, what are the few activities uncle, auntie, big john, little john, mom, papi, can take part in? Intense fun games like Tenzi can have an unlimited amount of players as long as you have the dice. And what’s better then seeing your mom yell “Tenzi!!” to find out she was missing a dice.. (don’t be fooled by all the love and care they give you; moms think they’re slick).

Now when I say board games are America’s pastime, I’m not only referring to games like Monopoly or Life. I’m talking about any games you can sit in front of someone and play. Have some competitive fun and great laughs. Every Christmas my parents always gets us some family game. And we would spend a majority of the day just playing in our pjs.  This year it was Operation and Rock Em Sock Em Robots. I must be getting old because I struggled trying to get that wish bone 🙂 but it was a tradition continued while we waited ate and watched some good movies.

If you have holiday or game night traditions, let us know. What’s your favorite games?